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A Rural Business Opportunity

Brazzen Dealership

Operate from your own Farm.

Exclusive Areas. Low Overheads.

Become a Brazzen Trailer Distributor and enjoy operating from your Property. We have become number 3 in our industry for Live Stock Equipment and we will do the same for Trailers.  


1.  Buy Trailers direct from the factory.

2.  Sell direct to Rural Stores and to the farmers.

3.  Make great Margins.

4.  Have an exclusive Area.

5.  Pay no dealer fees or on going fees.

6.  Operate from your Property and enjoy low overheads.

7.  Operate with a Brazzen Name. Being a recognised name in the Rural Industry.  

8.  Brazzen Head Office invests in the branding for you.  

9.  Great returns and a simple business to run.

You will receive Trailers direct from our factory in China enjoying prices low enough to sell to stores and maximising profits selling direct to farmers and others.   


We will have Distributors in strategic areas selling off their property with very low overheads. Right now we have no joining fee but your commitment would be to buy a container load of mixed Trailers suited to your area. We have a great array of Trailers. You would then be able to have a Brazzen name and have an exclusive area.


For more information email or call Cameron on 0425258774

CALL US 0425 258 774





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