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Lienert Ag Supplies manufacture and supply a range of both mobile and stationary stock self grain feeders. The Lienert range is of a unique design with some features completely unique to the Lienert range. Designed specifically by Matt from his own experience to help make feeding stock simple and time effective has assured the product remains highly competitive on the market for its capabilities.


•    Fully adjustable flow control gate

•    1.1m wide lid opening - easy filling with no spillage direct out of silo and auger

•    Easy roll over tarp - canvas guarantee of 10 years from date of purchase

•    All bolted with high tensile M8 zinc plated bolts and nylock nuts, NO tek screws

•    Quick release spring bolts on gate adjustment

•    All mobile feeders can be towed full and in tandem

•    Maximum of 25km/hr. when towing full Maximum of 100km/hr. when towing empty

•    Extra wide rain shelters for protection of feed

•    Deep feed tray to avoid spillage

•    Jack stands on mobile units

•    Full length sight glass

•    Step ladder on outside and inside of all models

•    Main body constructed from 1.6 gal sheet

•    Skid frames 100 x 50 x 3 gal rhs

•    Chassis 125 x 75 x 5 gal rhs Extras Available

•    Lick feeder attachments

•    Creep feeder attachments

•    Removable dolly’s

•   Flat pack options for easy and cost effective freight options

•    Raised skids to suit feeding of cattle

Grain Self Feeders

  • 50 Bag Stationary        FGB50

    50 Bag Mobile              FGM50

    65 Bag Stationary       FGS65

    65 Bag Mobile              FGM65

    100 Bag Stationary     FGS100

    130 Bag Stationary     FGS130

  • To purchase products, please contact:

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