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Is Brazzen a manufacturer?

Brazzen manufactures everything it sells. We are also a distributor and the items on our website are sold via our distributors.

Does Brazzen price match?

If you would like to price match an item, you must have the website of the item that you are using. The items must match identically. You will need to call in so that we can look into the price match for you.  Our customer service number is  0455 332 519.

Can Brazzen special order items not available on the website?

Yes, we can. We will always do our best to get items that you may be looking for that our store or website may not have available.


What does factory shipped mean?

If an item is marked as factory shipped, this means that it will ship directly from the manufacturer to your home or business. Keep in mind that we do not control the manufacturer shipping or processing times so it may take longer with these items.


What is the the number for my local distributor?

You can find these numbers on our Find A Distributor page under the state categories. 

Where is my closest distributor?

You can check the closest store to you by going to the Find A Distributor page.


When I give you my customer information, will Brazzen sell the information?

No, Brazzen only uses the information for the purpose of the current active order. Your credit card number is not saved in our system and you will not receive any emails that do not pertain to your order.
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