Become a Brazzen Distributor and enjoy the business opportunities that our comprehensive range of rural products deliver.

By joining Brazzen's network of distributors you gain access to more than innovative and comprehensive rural product ranges and services, brand recognition and support. We invest in specific offers that provide value to you and your customers. As a Brazzen Distributor you can benefit from the loyalty of the global strength of the Brazzen brand name.

Dedicated Distributor Business Managers are on hand to help you, and we offer tools to develop your capabilities, improve your market knowledge and help you accelerate growth.

Brazzen is just in its infancy, but while in its infancy it creates more opportunity. I can already tell from the enquiries we have had it will not be long we will be having a distributor joining fee.


Our factory in Asia has been operating for 10 years and we had been supplying about

10-15 containers a month of rural products to Australia.


We have had a lot of enquiries and we are only in the early stages of advertising. We have recently finalised Scenic Rim QLD, Blackall QLD and they are about to get their first shipment, we also have someone about to place a deposit on Coffs Harbour and another in Lightning Ridge QLD.  


To start in your area we ask our distributors to buy one container of rural products. If this is something you want to do, I suggest you then put a deposit to hold the area. The deposit would be non-refundable but will go towards your first order.

The great thing about joining Brazzen is we help you set out all your advertising and promotions.

It is important to be seen in your local area and we recommend you advertise on GumTree in your area. One of the best ways to get yourself known is get yourself a site at your next big field day in your area. Some of us will also be happy to come to the show and help on the stand. You will be surprised with the sales you will make right there at the show and then the follow on from all the leads you get after the show.

You will also be listed on our website and once we get more distributors it will give you more credibility and nationwide status where more people feel you can be trusted.

Don’t forget we can only have one Brazzen Distributor in your area and if you think you want to be the one it is good you pay a deposit towards your first shipment to secure the area.


We do get a lot of enquiries and we have been advertising in specific areas. Right now we do not have any Distributor joining fees but as we get more demand for sure there will be a fee soon.


To be a Brazzen Distributor we would need to have an Agreement in place between yourself as the Distributor and Brazzen as the Supplier. You will be able to choose a Brazzen Name that suits your area then you can register your business.

We will be there along the way to help you succeed.

When we supply goods from our factory they will arrive to you in a 40ft container, it is important that you have room on your property for truck access. The container will be dropped on the ground for approximately 4 days so you can empty it out, the truck will then return to collect the container.


All the shipping from Asia, freight, port fees and taxes will be covered by Brazzen. We will supply you with a price list which will outline the current pricing for the following:

1. Distributor Price

2. Wholesale/Airr member price

3. Retail price


To begin, you will need to import at least one container of mixed products and following this, have another container order in progress with the factory, this will assist to reduce the delay times for product supply. You will find that you will get many follow on and referral from those initial sales and advertising. You will more than likely run out of stock but you have to start somewhere!   


We will have Anthony our Manager in Wagga Wagga come to help you empty your first container and don’t forget you will need to have a fork lift on site and chains to help drag the goods out of the container. KEEP IN MIND YOU CAN START WITH TWO CONTAINERS IF FINANCES PERMIT! We just suggest this as we do not like you to run out of stock. Every distributor has run out of stock in the first 2 months with only one container, but we can understand if you are keen to try one as a test run.  

We will also suggest what mix of products should go in your container. Every area is different, perhaps your area leans more towards horses, cattle or sheep and you can focus on these products. It is a good idea to work through the order together to make sure it is targeted for the right farmers in your area.   

Below are the pictures we send to her of the containers being loaded at the factory. We will do this with you to so that you can see how each container is loaded and what is in each one.

Also, you will see below are pictures from the Seymour Field Day that three of our distributors worked at together, we encourage our distributors to work together as a team and as you can see they have put a fantastic display together.