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Welcome to Brazzen

Now that you are a distributor, we want to help you succeed.  There are a few things that you need. 

1. Business Cards & Letterhead
We will create these for you, let us know what name, email, phone number and address you would like on your business cards and letterhead.  Once you receive the digital file, review the information to make sure everything is correct.  When you are happy with it, send the files to your local printer to be printed.  View the business card (they are two-sided) and letterhead below:

1. Business Cards & Letterhead


Business Cards Brazzen Bundaberg.jpg


Brazzen Business Cards-2.jpg
Letterhead - Bundaberg.jpg

​2. Personalized Website
Once you become a distributor, you will be listed on our website where people can find your information. (View Below)

2. Personalized Website
Find a Distributor Page.png

We can build you a website within our website, or you can create your own website. If you create your own website, send us the link so we can link it to your distributor tab. Email for any website changes. 
If you choose to have the website with us, you can work with our designers to personalize the site, adding featured products, and any other information you would like on there.  When you get your products setup, take some pictures and send to us, to put on your site. You will have a link to share with your customers, for example:

Sample Website.jpg

It's nice to put the products you have on the featured products page, so people know the inventory you have available. Once you get your products, let us know which ones you would like in this section.  

Featured Products AUS.jpg

​3. Download Photos & Videos
You might want some pictures for advertising in different ways, here is a link to download videos and pictures:

3. Download Photos & Videos

​4. Newsletters & Advertising
We send newsletters out to over 1000 cattle/horse and sheep associations, clubs and stores. If you need newsletters, brochures or other advertising materials, let us know so we can create them for you.   Sending Newsletters or other advertising matierials to farming groups or other farm related contacts is a great way to get your name out there.  

4. Newsletters & Advertising
Brazzen July 2018 Newsletter-1.jpg
Brazzen July 2018 Newsletter-2.jpg
Brazzen July 2018 Newsletter-3.jpg
Brazzen July 2018 Newsletter-4.jpg

​5. Local Classified Listings
Look into your local listings where you can advertise for free, one example is Gumtree. 

5. Classified Listings

​6. Social Media Tips
Being a part of Brazzen, we already do advertising on Facebook and Instagram.  When people call or email us to buy products, we refer them to the nearest dealer. 
It is a good idea for you to setup your own social media platform for your Brazzen business, FB is a very good tool to setup in your area.  Make sure when you are advertising that you always put the Brazzen name first, for example: Brazzen Spanish Fork.  It is good that people can see your online presence.  Feel free to ask Brita for help setting up your social media accounts. Here is a sample FB ad below.

Here is a link for help Advertising on Social Media:

6. Social Media Tips

​7. Adwords
Google Adwords is the online advertising platform through Google, where Advertisers can target users across two main networks – the search network, and the Display network. The search network refers to pay-per-click advertising, in which advertisers bid on keywords that are relevant to their business and have a chance to display their advertisements to users who enter those keywords into Google as part of a search. 

We have been running specific Adword campaigns to help spread awareness of the Brazzen brand and also target areas where are dealers are to help them get more customers.  If you you decide to do Adwords, it’s good to target your area.

Facebook Ad.jpg
7. Adwords

​8. Updated Brochures
Here are the updated brochures.  

8. Upated Brochures & Prices
2024 AUS Product Brochure-1 Cover.jpg
2024 AUS Product Brochure-1 Cover.jpg
9. Unloading Link

​10. Assembly Instructions

10. Assembly Instructions

​11. Field Days
Some of our dealers have been to some field days and shows to sell their Brazzen gear.  This has been very successful for them. Make sure to check your local field day schedules so you can get booked into shows for the year.  

11. Field Day
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